Westielovers.com is pleased to offer you private, free, permanent Westie Mail addresses.

Westie Mail is a web-based email service. Like other similar services, you do need to go online to read and compose your mail. When you register with Westie Mail, you get your own personal, private, mail account, which means that no one else can access your mail account unless you give them the username and password you chose when you signed up with Westie Mail.

Having a Westie Mail account means that you need never worry about sending change of email address notices to anyone ever again. Westie Mail offers a permanent address, which will never change and will follow you wherever you go ... regardless of which company you get your Internet access from.

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Start the registration process by selecting a login name, which will serve as your e-mail address.

Please note: any login names chosen that are considered inappropriate as listed in the End-User Services Agreement (fraudulent, obscene, threatening, etc.) may be deleted without notice. Also, WestieMail is not to be used for purposes of sending unsolicited mail (SPAM). We take a very dim view of abuse of the service and will take whatever means necessary to ensure anyone violating the terms and conditions of use being are made accountable for their actions.

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You may also log in to your account at the Westielovers.com site.

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